A Basic Guide to Parental App Monitoring Software

A Basic Guide to Parental App Monitoring Software

One of the biggest reasons why parents are buying iPhone monitoring software for their kids’ phones is because of sexual predators. These vile individuals with malicious intent are popping up everywhere, looking to inflict harm upon your kids. Even child-friendly websites have already been infiltrated by predators looking to lure children and take advantage of them.

Don’t Leave Your Kid’s Phone Unsupervised

Letting your children use iPhones without keeping an eye on what they could be doing can be one of the worst mistakes you can do as a parent. Not all children are aware of the dangers that lurk behind websites or behind a seemingly-innocent profile picture. It is definitely up to you to take charge and supervise your children’s phone activity. Keep in mind that you are the parent and it is actually your job to make sure that your children are safe, in real life and online.

How Can Monitoring Software Help Parents?

  • It Helps Parents Keep a Close Eye on Messages. The common modus operandi of sexual predators is to slowly rope children and teenagers into participating with their ruse. They find naïve kids to talk to online, and then they ask for contact information so they can start sending text messages and other stuff. A monitoring app will allow parents to keep track of what kind of messages are being sent or received from your kid’s phone so they can take action if necessary.
  • It Helps Parents Block Unsuitable Content. One of the most powerful features that a premium parental monitoring app can give you is the ability to see what websites your kids are visiting in real time, and then block any website that you consider as harmful or inappropriate for your kids. What’s more, all photos and videos that are considered pornographic or violent will be automatically banned from the list of approved content.
  • It Helps Parents Know Where Their Kids are. This is another feature that can be extremely valuable for parents. Make sure that the parental monitoring software you are using has a geolocator that transmits real-time location data. As a parent, you can use this information to see where your kid’s phone is at any given time, which can be particularly useful if you’re in a situation where you need to find your child as quickly as possible.
  • It Helps Parents Keep Track of and Control Their Children’s Internet Usage. If you’re a parent with several kids, you can certainly appreciate how helpful this feature can be. Imagine having a single tablet and several kids all wanting to use it. The monitoring software can also help you set schedules and time limits for the device, like in situations where a child needs to study for an exam but you’re worried that she’ll be on YouTube instead.

Malicious predators are always on the lookout for innocent, vulnerable children. Make it your priority to keep track of your kid’s phone activity. Visit https://auto-forward.com/ to see how this premium parental monitoring software can help you.