Auto Forward Review

Auto Forward Review

Auto Forward is dubbed by its maker as the “ultimate cell phone monitoring app”. That’s certainly a bold statement to make, considering that there are several other competing apps claiming to be the best in the market. Does Auto Forward deserve the top spot? Let’s find out.

What is Auto Forward?

Auto Forward is a cell phone monitoring software that allows users to secretly and safely monitor what’s happening on practically any Android or iPhone device it is installed on. So yeah, it’s a spy app. It’s been on the market for several years already and is known to be one of the best of its kind.

If you’re a parent who wants to know more about what your kid is doing on WhatsApp or what kind of emails he/she is getting from whom, you need Auto Forward. If you own or manage a company with several employees that you need to constantly check up on with regards to how they are using company resources or where they are at any given moment, you need Auto Forward.

The Features

Auto Forward is a mobile app designed to monitor and record the activity on any target phone it is installed on. There are iPhone and Android versions, with both sharing almost the same features:

  • Read all text messages and/or iMessages (even if they have been deleted)
  • Monitor/record phone calls as well as time and duration
  • Monitor social media activity
  • Monitor emails (the sender, recipient, and content)
  • Keylogging feature to capture keystrokes (useful for capturing usernames and passwords)
  • Real-time location of the phone via GPS, accurate within 50 feet
  • Full access to all photos and videos taken/received by phone
  • Full web browsing history with active links
  • Stealth camera allowing for secret, remote photos using camera on target phone
  • Installed and/or running apps

The Android version of the app has two additional features: profanity alerts (alerting you when specific words are used) and diagnostics (notifications for battery life, wi-fi connection status, Bluetooth status, and IMEI number).

Personally, the most useful to me is the capability to monitor text messages, monitor emails, and check the real-time location via GPS. I’m both a parent and an employer to about 50 workers, more or less, so being able to monitor locations, messages, and emails comes in very handy, indeed.

How to Install and Use

Installing the Auto Forward app basically takes two easy steps, and from what I remember, it only took me less than a minute to do the following:

  1. Download the mobile app via the OTA (Over the Air) link
  2. Activate the app using the license number you’ll receive after download and installation

Congratulations, you can now use Auto Forward! Install it on your cell phone, tablet, or PC to check and view whatever you want to monitor on the target phone (SMS messages, calls, photos, Facebook, location, etc.)


So here’s what I have to say about Auto Forward: I’m not really sure if it’s the best available right now, but it does give me bang for my buck. I mentioned earlier in this article that I’m both a parent and an employer, and this app helps me get access to the information I need to protect my child and also to know where my field staff is located at any given time.

I don’t need all the features that the app provides. I have no hankering to use the stealth camera now or ever, and I really don’t need the keylogging feature, either. With that said, I’m quite thankful that the tools are there in case a situation ever arises when I might need to use them.

Let me finish by saying that Auto Forward is a very user-friendly app when it comes to installation and usage. With this app, you can be a cellphone spy without having the skills of James Bond.