Bear Hunting in New Brunswick: The Biggest and The Best!

New Brunswick Canada has plenty of prime forest for bear hunting! Much of the interior of the province is uninhabited forest and home to a very large population of very large black bear. Hunters of large game from across the globe come to here for a one-of-a-kind hunting experience.

Have you ever dreamed of coming face–to-face with a black bear? Here’s your chance!

Experienced guides and outfitters are fairly plentiful and most provide their own on-site cozy lodging as well. This is good but it is the welcome you receive here that will keep you coming back. The home cooked meals and friendly people are synonymous with New Brunswick. Great hunting, delicious food, and super friendly people are sure to make your hunting experience unforgettable!!

Be sure to bring along your fishing gear too, as most hunting outfitters offer fishing excursions if you are successful a little too early. You are only allowed one bear per year with your license. Here is a great list of New Brunswick Bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters by location and type of guide, with links to each outfitters web site.

What you will need:

For a non-resident to hunt bear in New Brunswick, it is required that you hunt with a licensed New Brunswick Guide. Here are the rules and other information regarding the issuance of bear hunting licences to residents and non-residents of NB. If you have chosen your outfitter or guide they can (and will) provide you with appropriate licenses.

A non-resident license is only good for one year and one zone. There are however three black bear seasons are spring, fall bow, and fall gun. Your license is good for one year, which includes all 3 seasons in that calendar year but is limited to one particular zone. One black bear per year is allowed per license.

Results of the computer draw will be available through the Department of Natural Resources, or by calling 1-888-994-2327. If your name is drawn, and you have paid the appropriate fees, you will be issued a validation sticker. (This is your proof of purchase). This will be mailed to you after the payment deadline. Included in the mail-out along with your validation sticker will be New Brunswick hunting regulations, and a booklet about Wildlife Management Zones. When you arrive in New Brunswick take the Validation sticker into any Natural Resources or Service New Brunswick office and obtain your official license at no additional charge. You are only allowed to apply once for a license so if you are applying as a group then you cannot apply again as an individual(and vice versa). If the group is successful with the draw then each person in the group can purchase a license.

Find the most current regulations for hunting black bear from Natural Resources New Brunswick.

This Bear fact sheet provides you with the information you should know if you are a non-resident looking for details on hunting black bear in New Brunswick.

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