Canada Holiday Getaways: Top Bed and Breakfast in Toronto

Canada Holiday Getaways: Top Bed and Breakfast in Toronto

If you are planning for your next Canada holiday getaways and one of your destinations in Toronto, then you should start choosing the best accommodations in this dynamic metropolis that will make your vacation one of the best you’ve ever had. Already having somewhere to stay at will take so much out of the stresses that preparing a trip brings. And you will have more time for other fun activities if you don’t have to go looking for a place to turn in for the night when you arrive at your destination.

Accommodation is probably one of the biggest parts of a vacation that take much out of your preparation and expenses. Which is why you should choose wisely so you don’t end up short on your resources. And when accommodation is being thought of, bed and breakfast hotels and inns are some of the most popular places to stay in.

Now, when you want to stay and see the famous Toronto skyline, consider the best Canadian BnB in this city and you won’t regret it.

Top Bed and Breakfast in Toronto

  1. Downtown Luxury Victorian Retreat. Located only 1.4 km from the city center, this luxurious bed and breakfast is near the Ryerson University and is considered a favorite by travelers to stay at. Every room they have has its own air conditioning and a flat-screen TV.
  2. Making waves Boatel. Talk about unique, this BnB is on the next level. Set on a boat docked in Toronto Harbor, it features breathtaking views of the city center and of Lake Ontario. They also provide free Wi-Fi in all areas.
  3. Rose Garden Bed and Breakfast. The top location of this place, which is more like a charming old house, makes it highly rated by its guests. They provide free daily breakfast and have free Wi-Fi throughout your stay.
  4. Elliot House Bed and Breakfast. Located on the west end of Toronto, this Victorian-era house boasts its original features and furnishing. And they provide complimentary snack and beverages daily, too.
  5. Home in Downtown Guesthouse. Conveniently set in downtown Toronto, this place offers one of the best rates where guests can get the most out of their money.

These are the top 5 BnB as rated by recent guests to Toronto. And if you want your holiday getaways to be great, you will surely stay at one of them.

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