Does iPhone X Live Up To The Hype?

Does iPhone X Live Up To The Hype?

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Apple’s signature iPhone, and Apple is celebrating in a big way with the iPhone X. It has loads of new features, extraordinary mobile security, and some of the most cutting edge technology. But does the iPhone X live up to all the hype? While it does have some amazing capabilities, it has a hefty price tag – it starts at about $1000. What do experts think about this phone with all its futuristic upgrades?

Expert Opinions On The iPhone X

Most experts agree that the iPhone X is Apple’s way of rebranding their smartphone. Instead of the daily workhorse it’s become, it will now be seen as a high-end, luxury device. For the first time, iPhone sales dropped in 2016 and continued to drop throughout 2017. Because there are so many smartphones on the market that offer all sorts of apps, the iPhone has lost some of of its glamor and status. Apple is trying to change all of that with the iPhone X; its innovative features include increased mobile security, facial recognition, and a fancy bezel-free retina display screen.

Revolutionary Features

The iPhone X's features include updated cameras.
The updated cameras are one of the highlights of the iPhone X.

There is some heavy horsepower under the hood of the iPhone X. Some people are so dazzled by the cosmetic upgrades that they don’t realize that the phone really functions as more of a hybrid tablet and phone. With updated cameras, storage, and mobile security, as well as wireless charging, the iPhone X has a lot more power than previous models. If you need to work while you’re on the go, or if you make a living by posting on social media, it’s a game changer to have all of these features integrated into one easily portable device.

For average people, the iPhone X is definitely a pricey luxury item. As such, Apple fans have mixed feelings about it. Some bought it because it’s a status item, while others will because it’s the special 10th anniversary edition of the iconic iPhone. Meanwhile, other people are saying that they’ll pass on this release. For them, the new features aren’t enough to justify the huge price tag. Many cell phone carriers give away older iPhones, for free, to new customers or let their customers upgrade to a newer model when they renew their contracts. For many users, the iPhone X doesn’t tempt them enough to spend full price on the latest model, when they can get a slightly older one for free.

The Overall Consensus

For true technology fans, like myself, the iPhone X may be a must-have item. But for the average person, its innovative new features may not be enough to justify the four figure price tag. Still, the iPhone X is selling out all over. So, there are definitely are some people who would do anything to get their hands on this phone. It’s slated to be one of the most in-demand Christmas gifts this holiday season. The question is, will sales still stay high after the holiday rush? Only time will tell if the iPhone X really lives up to the hype.