How the Best Parental Computer Monitoring Software Protects Children

How the Best Parental Computer Monitoring Software Protects Children

The internet has connected the whole world in astounding ways, but why are many parents asking “What is a good parental monitoring software?”.  That is because even though the world being connected is mostly a good thing, the web can be a dark, mysterious and often scary place. Children may not realize all of these because of their relative inexperience, but the virtual can actually be more of a hazard for them than the real world.

The internet is always on. It never sleeps and, most of all, it follows you wherever you go. With all of the ways that one can connect to the internet, it would not be surprising to find a child with a phone connecting to and surfing the web. They may know more about the internet than their parents and spend time in places where their parents don’t even know of, but they are woefully unequipped to handle the dangers of using the internet unsupervised. Let’s take a look at some of the more common ones that children are exposed to everyday.

Misinformation. While most websites aim to educate their viewers about their products or other things in good faith, some don’t curate their content to the point that what they’re doing is misinforming people. And kids can be victims of these as well, especially in video streaming sites. Knowing where your child spends his time on the web can prevent this.

Sexting. Research suggests than around 20% of children aged 13 to 17 have sent at least one sexual or provocative photo or video to another person. This behavior is known as sexting and can be a danger to a child, especially if she loses control over that content. Those photo or video files could be shared to any forum and may become a reason why a child predator targets the child. The child may also lose her self-esteem if the files are shared within her school.

Cyber-bullying. This is actually one of the more sinister threats that a child can be exposed to. Cyber-bullies make use of the web and instant messaging apps to torment their victims. And with the anonymity afforded to them by these methods, they can target whoever they want however they want with little fear of being punished. And some of their victims have even resorted to taking their own lives to escape from the torment.

Child predators. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. Child predators have traditionally been difficult to spot. But with the advent of mobile communications, they have all but turned invisible. If it is difficult for adults to detect their presence, you can be sure that children won’t see them coming. And they may account for a large portion of the thousand or so kids that go missing every day, never to go back home. If parents have a way to access their child’s phone and see their activities, they stand a good chance of dealing with these and other threats successfully. And there is no better cell phone monitoring app than Auto Forward Spy, which can, quite literally, let you access the entire phone.

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