How To Be A Trendy Travel Blogger

How To Be A Trendy Travel Blogger

One of the most popular career choices right now, especially for millennials, is to be a travel blogger. Some travel to see the sights and take pictures, while others go to try new food. I personally love traveling for all of these reasons. I just make sure to do a cell phone lookup on any locals I meet before I make plans with them. But whatever their reason or motivation for traveling is, these creative bloggers have proven that working in 2018 is more different than it’s ever been before.

Starting a travel blogging business isn’t as simple as running an Instagram and posting good pictures. They make it look easy, but these trendy folks put a lot of work into what they share. Still, it’s a whole lot easier (and cheaper!) than going to law school. So, a lot of millennials are wondering how they can make a living by living their dream life and spending their entire year practically on vacation. Keep reading to learn how.

Utilize Social Media

If you want to start a life of blogging and traveling, you need to use social media, even if you’re already active on it. The first step to attracting a massive following is by starting a new Instagram and getting your friends to follow you. If you need to, use a cell phone lookup to find their social media handles. What comes next are a lot of good photos, which is the equivalent of building a portfolio.

Start Traveling

To build this portfolio, you need to start actually traveling. Use an app like Kayak, which gives you cheap flight options, and travel in groups to split the costs of food and housing. Once you’ve begun traveling, you can share photos and videos from your destination.

Post Under Hashtags

Hashtag your photos.
You should post your most stunning travel photos on social media.

Use hashtags like #travel, #wanderlust, and #freshhairandfreedom in your posts. A lot of people built their Instagram followings this way. By hashtagging your posts, travel bloggers who are already influential will be able to like your posts and share your work with their followers. This puts you on the fast track to gaining a name for yourself in the social media world.

Get Sponsors

The first step to building a sustainable travel blogging business is to get sponsors. Anyone from Carhartt to Canon may end up sponsoring someone who travels and extensively shares their experiences online. Check and see if they’re legitimate with a cell phone lookup tool. The benefit of sponsors is that they pay you to do what you’re already doing. So, you can keep traveling and doing what you love without having to work another job on the side.

Become A Good Writer

Pictures are great and catch people’s attention the quickest. But the best way to keep their attention is by being a good writer. It starts with writing a witty caption under your photos on Instagram. However, the best travel bloggers also have a professional blog, where they write more detailed descriptions of their trips.

Interact With Followers

Pay attention to people who are the most popular travel bloggers. You’ll find that the ones who grow their influence the quickest actually interact with their followers. Just because 10,000 people follow you on Instagram doesn’t mean you’re a celebrity or better than anyone else. Your followers are worth your time, even if it takes a while. Do your best to respond to them and it’ll pay off in the long run.