Is It Possible To Not Use Social Media These Days?

Is It Possible To Not Use Social Media These Days?

My Thoughts

I was interviewing candidates for a job and it’s our policy to ask for their social media handles so we can check their social media pages. Many companies do this now, we find that it’s a good way to check out who a candidate really is. So I asked the candidate, a young man in his 20s, for his social media information and he said he didn’t use social media. And I was floored. Does anyone really not use social media in this day and age? I couldn’t quite believe him. I thought maybe he was trying to hide his social media or didn’t want us looking at it so he said he had none. Of course, I Googled him as soon as he left the room. And nothing came up. He really did have no digital presence at all. It is very important to have one.

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Using social media can be beneficial

In today’s cultural climate I don’t think it’s a good thing to not have any media presence. I know some people don’t like it and try to avoid it. But social media is part of the world now. It’s a tool that people are expected to know how to use. Even if your job doesn’t specifically relate to it you should know how it works and what the popular social sites are at any given time. How can you expect to do any kind of business related tasks without at least knowing the basics of social media? So I think that consciously choosing not to use social media hurts your chances. I like to make sure I maintain a good presence online

Another reason why I think people need to at least have media accounts is that social media literacy proves to potential employers that you know how to manage information. Information is everywhere these days and oversharing is rampant. It builds trust and shows off your character.