5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Your Next Trip

5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Your Next Trip

Growing up, my family would travel using maps, brochures, and recommendations from locals. It was much harder to find information about our new neighborhood and home. Even when we went on vacation, we’d often discover things we wanted to do as we were about to leave to go back home. I’m sure you have some vacation memories like that too. Fortunately, there are so many mobile apps, such as a DDI Utilities free download, that can help you easily navigate a new place and keep your information safe.


If you haven’t used Waze yet, you’re missing out. It’s probably the most convenient and effective GPS app out there. While other GPS apps and devices might take you through side streets and delay your arrival time, Waze will give you the most direct route. It’ll also alert you about red light cameras and hidden cops on the side of the road.

DDI Utilities Free Download

If you’re in a pinch and need to recover important data from your phone, you can do so with a DDI Utilities free download. This app extracts data from your phone in case you break it or spill water on it. You don’t want to be left in a foreign country with no way to access your contacts, photos, texts, and more.

Google Maps

Chances are, Google Maps already came preloaded onto your phone when you bought it. While Waze is superior for driving directions, it’s hard to beat Google Maps if you’re traveling on foot. Its pedestrian mode is fairly accurate and will easily guide you to where you need to go. Plus, the app lets you download maps directly onto your phone so you can view them later, even if you don’t have a service signal.


Moovit is another app that’s useful for navigation, specifically for public transportation. It can be daunting to use the subway or bus system in a new city. This is especially true if you don’t speak the native language. With Moovit, you just simply type in your current location and your destination to get directions using your current city’s public transit system.

Mobile Passport

An app can't replace your actual, physical passport.
The app may be called “Mobile Passport,” but you still need to bring your physical passport with you.

Aside from a DDI Utilities free download, Mobile Passport is a secure way to store your personal information on your phone. This official app, approved by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, allows you to pass through customs with ease. You can fill out all the necessary questions on your phone while you’re on the plane. Once you arrive at customs in the airport, you just go on a separate line for Mobile Passport holders and present your app to the officer. You’ll be on your way home in no time!