Have you ever wondered where the New Brunswick Flag came from or what it's significance is?

The New Brunswick Flag is very colorful and interesting with a yellow lion on a red background at the very top, and a black and yellow sailboat with a white sail and three red flags on a yellow background floating on striped blue and white water.

The symbolism behind the flag is based on the original provincial coat of arms. As seen below, the coat of arms sums up what the Province is known for. Things such as the atlantic salmon, the white tail deer, fiddleheads, and the purple violet are all native to New Brunswick. The yellow lion on a red background, and an alley with oars are all symbols on the New Brunswick flag that have been adopted from the Coat of Arms.

The Province of New Brunswick gets its “Brunswick” name from the Dutchy of Brunswick in Germany and King George of England whose family came from the House of Brunswick. The ship represents our rich shipbuilding history of days gone by. New Brunswick joined Confederation with Canada July 1st 1867 making Canada Day (July 1st) a National Statuatory Holiday.

Former Lieutenant- Governor George F. Stanley designed the New Brunswick Flag. The flag was adopted on Feb. 24, 1965.

Another popular flag seen in New Brunswick is the Acadian Flag.

Since the Native People and the Acadians (French descendants of the seventeenth-century French colonists who settled in Acadie- the Canadian Maritime provinces) were the first people to settle here, the Acadian flag is a very popular sight in many French speaking communities. There is a lighthouse in Grande-Anse that is painted to match the colors of the Acadian Flag.

New Brunswick’s Official Bird is the Black-Capped Chickadee. It is a very common bird found in most of Canada and the northern United States.

It has a unique feature that allows it to drop its own body temperature by up to 12 degrees to conserve energy. The black-capped chickadee lives in New Brunswick year-around.

Purple Violet

The Official Flower of New Brunswick is The Purple Violet. It is also a very popular plant that is seen throughout the province. Almost as common as a weed at times, this dainty little flower comes in white, pink and yellow. All are as beautiful as the other.

I used to plant the white ones in my flower garden. This wild flower grows quite a bit bigger when planted in some nice fertile ground.

New Brunswick’s Official Tree is the Balsam Fir. Otherwise known as the Christmas Tree, this evergreen is popular and native to Atlantic Canada, Quebec and part of Ontario. These trees are shipped all over the United States from the Maritimes for the Christmas season.

Just as the New Brunswick flag depicts some of the history and the culture of the province, the official flower, bird and tree are a reminder that New Brunswick is a province where nature is abundant.

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