Your Guide to New Brunswick Hunting and Fishing

So, you are looking for some information on New Brunswick Hunting. With New Brunswick being over 85% forest hunting is extremely popular here for residents and for many non-residents alike. Be careful though, the rules are a little different for non-residents than they are for residents.

If you are a resident or a non-resident and you are looking to do some New Brunswick hunting or fishing you have many choices. You can choose from deer, moose, black bear, bird, salmon, trout, bass, etc.

By law it is required that hunters, licensed guides, and fur harvesters carrying a firearm wear a solid hunter orange jacket or vest and hat.

It is legal under the Fish and Wildlife Act to use an electronic call for game such as deer, moose, coyote, or bear.

EXCEPTIONS: The federal Migratory Bird Convention Act prevents you from using an electronic call for ducks, geese and woodcock.

An amendment to the New Brunswick hunting regulations allows hunting on Sundays now!

Bear Hunting:

For a non-resident to hunt bear in New Brunswick, it is required that you hunt with a licensed New Brunswick Guide. Your outfitter or guide can provide you with appropriate licenses or you can click on the bear link to apply for the annual bear hunting computer draw. Your license is only good for one year and one zone. There is however three black bear hunting seasons each year (spring, fall, and fall bow) until the limit has been filled.

To find out when results will be available visit the Department of Natural Resources, or call 1-888-994-2327. If your name is drawn, and you have paid the appropriate fees, you will be issued a validation sticker. (This is your proof of purchase). This will be mailed to you after the payment deadline. Included in the mail-out along with your validation sticker will be New Brunswick hunting regulations, and a booklet about Wildlife Management Zones. When you arrive in New Brunswick take the Validation sticker into any Natural Resources or Service New Brunswick office and obtain your official license at no additional charge. You are only allowed to apply once for a license so if you are applying as a group then you cannot apply again as an individual.(and vice versa) If the group is successful with the draw then each person in the group can purchase a license.

Deer, Bird or Small Game Hunting:

A non-resident deer, bird, or small game license can be purchased at any Natural Resources or Service New Brunswick office in the province starting around mid-June. Sometimes if you are dealing with outfitters they will handle all the paperwork and appropriate licenses for their clientele. With a valid deer license you can hunt in all zones that are open but non-residents must hunt bucks only.

Crossbow Deer Hunting-This is the ultimate resource guide for both new and experienced hunters. We cover everything from buying your crossbow equipment, and how to use it, to enticing in those trophy bucks, along with butchering your own meat, and so much more! Welcome to our way of life!

Moose Hunting:

If moose hunting is what you are looking for and you are a non-resident you will need to apply for the annual moose hunting computer draw. There are only 100 moose licenses available for non-residents and the “Moose Hunting Season” is in September. A licensed guide is required by law for non-residents to hunt moose in New Brunswick and you can only hunt in the one zone you choose.


Not only is New Brunswick hunting popular, so is fishing. New Brunswick is a fishing paradise with over 60,000 km of rivers, streams and lakes. There are 53 species of fish that live here with the most famous being the Atlantic Salmon. You need a license to fish all or any type of fish in New Brunswick. The Crown Reserve Waters are designated for residents only but there are many other great fishing waters to enjoy. The most popular areas for Salmon fishing are in the Miramichi on the Miramichi River and in Campbellton on the Restigouche River.

Licensed Guides know their territory very well. There are two levels of Professional Guides: One has a Professional license and the other one has a License to accompany.

If you are a non-resident it is law that you have a guide to hunt game, fish Atlantic Salmon, and angle all species of fish in waters that are designated “Guide Required”.

The only day you don’t need a guide is on New Brunswick day but if you catch salmon and want to keep it, you will need an appropriate license. Non-Resident licenses are available through the Department of Natural Resources and/or Service New Brunswick.

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