So What is the Big Secret about New River Beach Provincial Park?

It seems like no-one knows about it!


New River Beach Provincial Park is located on the Fundy Coastal Drive just a few minutes West of Saint John New Brunswick along Route 1. It is one of nine parks owned and operated by the Province of New Brunswick.


We camp there every year with our tent trailer. There are 99 campsites and they are very wooded and private with modern and clean washrooms & showers and coin operated laundry facilities. The outhouses were not an option for me, but they did come in handy for my kids when they really had to go.
This area is one of my family’s all-time favorite places to explore. My husband likes it there in the spring since there are very few flies and mosquitoes on the beach due to the salt water.

New River Beach tent cabin

New River Beach Provincial Park also offer a couple of tent cabins at a very reasonable price for those people who want the tenting experience without actually sleeping on the ground or getting wet if it rains.

The tent cabins are just a shell of a cabin that occupy one of the tent sites. They contain no washroom facilities (You use the facilities just like the other campers in the park). They do however have access to power and there are wooden bed frames inside to put your air mattress and sleeping bag on.

It is a great idea if you have friends or family who would like to tent with you but they don’t have a camper or tent. They can rent a tent cabin and you can get a site next to them in the same park.

There is a convenience store approximately five minutes away in Lepreau Village (towards Saint John). It is a Petro Canada gas, convenience store, and Pizza Shack combination. It also housed a liquor store. It sure comes in handy when you forget a few camping essentials or need to satisfy a late night chip/chocolate craving. New River beach view from the road. Sand dollars, crab, starfish, periwinkles,and Beach Glass are popular finds on this beach. Our kids like to find such treasures, and swim in the cold cold water but other activities such as kite flying and building sand castles are popular activities on this beach also.

In fact every year New River Beach Provincial Park has a sand castle building competition. This year (2012) it will be Saturday, July 28th with a rain date of July 29th. Book your campsite early-this is a very popular event.

The tide doesn’t need to be out to enjoy this beach but there is much more beach to explore if it is out. Check the Tide Schedule before you plan your day. Don’t forget to get a picture of both high and low tide. It is really amazing to see the dramatic effects of the tides.

There is a nice trail near the campground to explore. You have the option of doing the entire trail, which is a few kilometers, of just part of it. There are some nice secluded beaches along the trail when the tide is out. They have also placed picnic tables and rest areas in some beautiful spots along the first half of the trail. I have to say that the second half of the trail was not as groomed as the first half.

Some people were on their bikes in this campground to get from one place to another quickly. It can be quite a distance for really small children to walk from some of the campsites to the beach.

Nathan says: See you later!

The beach is across the road from the campground. (just a secondary road not the highway) You do have the option of driving your vehicle to the canteen/playground/beach area since there is ample parking available.

New River Beach is one of nine Provincial Parks owned and operated by the province of New Brunswick. Here are the other eight you might enjoy: Sugarloaf, Mount Carleton, Parlee Beach, Murray Beach, Herring Cove, Anchorage, Mactaquac, and de la Republique Provincial Park.

Happy Camping!

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