Parental Monitoring Software: An Answer to Safe Teenage Driving

Parental Monitoring Software: An Answer to Safe Teenage Driving

It is undeniable that teens get too excited when they have their driver’s license and drive a car, however, their safety is a primary concern for parents, and that’s where parental monitoring software can help. While parents may see that having their teenage son/daughter drive solo as giving them their sense of independence, it could sometimes make them feel afraid with all the road accidents that may happen.

Currently, the majority of teens are the group of drivers that are likely to get involved in road mishaps, with the cause being too distracted while driving. For teens, many things could make them lose their focus while driving- from loud music, misbehaving passengers, and the simplest of all – texting or messaging on their phones. As much as they like to multi-task, sending one text message while driving could put them in harm’s way. Here are some tips to keep your teens safe from distractions when driving their cars.

Teach Your Teen To Focus While Driving

As mentioned above, teens like to do two or more things at a time, so before teaching them how to drive, instill in them the importance of not getting distracted while operating a car. Yes, basic car safety such as putting on seat belts, adjusting mirrors and more is a must to be taught, but also educate them on good phone habits also. You may teach them to send important texts before starting the car or even just letting their friends know that they will be driving, hence, they cannot reply to messages.

Track Your Teen’s Phone Activities

While it is impossible for parents to always be at their teen’s side while driving, how can parents keep an eye on them? Parental monitoring software is an answer. With this, they will be able to survey what their teens are doing with their phones. They can use GPS locations that can detect if they are driving and if they are texting or calling anyone while at it. Call and text have time stamped on it so you will know what they did while driving. You can also remotely block applications on their phone that may cause distractions such as social media and messenger apps.

Educate Your Teens to be Aware of The Law

Texting while driving is as much a danger to you as well as to other drivers on the road, that’s why in many states, it is against the law. Parents should let their teens know that getting caught with this kind of offense could result in fines, driving restrictions which they would have to settle themselves. Some could even lead to jail time if they get involved with serious car accidents.

Road safety is of utmost importance parents should teach their teens especially when they are new drivers who are exhilarated about being independent. Phone tracking apps are the best bet for parents to use in monitoring their teens’ phone activity while driving. This could help them in keeping their teens safe and out of distractions while on the road.

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