The Provincial Parks of New Brunswick are a great start in discovering the natural beauty of “The Picture Province.”

New Brunswick has nine Provincial Parks, each with their own unique yet diverse range of attractions. They are: Sugarloaf, Mount Carleton, Parlee Beach, Murray Beach, New River Beach, Herring Cove, Anchorage, Mactaquac, and de la Republique.

All of them have their own campgrounds but none of them offer three way serviced campsites. All of them have drinking water access but no direct water hook-ups. They are all pet friendly and have a dumping station on site. Many of these parks are wheelchair accessible and have electrical hookups to at least some of their campsites.

Most New Brunswick Provincial Parks will reserve a campsite with a credit card… some will reserve with just your name if you plan on arriving within a certain time frame. Provincial Parks sometimes operate on a first come-first served basis if they are filling up quickly. It is best to book ahead if you know for sure that you want to stay there on any given night.

The Provincial Parks in New Brunswick offer a special deal where if you stay three nights at three different Provincial Parks then your fourth night is free. You will need to ask about this deal at the entrance to any of the nine parks. They will provide you with the parks book that lists all the parks in New Brunswick and stamp the appropriate page. You need to have it stamped or it is not considered valid.

Murray beach tent cabin

Most New Brunswick Provincial Parks now offer tent cabins. These are mini cabins (sometimes called rustic shelters) with a design similar to a tent except better. These bare-essential cabins will protect you from the bad weather but you will still need to bring your air mattress, sleeping bag, and some cooking utensils. They do not have their own washroom facilities but there is always one close by since you are in a campground.

National Parks are also beautiful settings for a vacation with many activities for the entire family to explore. New Brunswick has two National Parks, both of which offer great camping and sight-seeing. There is a daily fee for National Parks that is over and above your camping fees. National Parks do not take same-day reservations but if you call they will give you an indication of how many sites are left. Once they reach a certain capacity they operate on a first come-first served basis. Remember to book at least 24hrs in advance to secure your campsite at Fundy National Park and Kouchibouguac National Park.

Other National Parks:

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