Senior Bus Tours: The Perfect Way to See New Brunswick and Not Have to Worry About the Driving

Senior bus tours are very popular in New Brunswick Canada any time of the year, but especially in autumn. Similar to the Cabot Trail, New Brunswick’s Fundy Coastal Drive is an exceptional coastal vacation destination. New Brunswick is known as the “Picture Province” because of its natural beauty.

New Brunswick is part of the Atlantic Canada area, which is made up of a group of 4 provinces that are surrounded by infinite Ocean. New Brunswick is the first of the Atlantic Provinces you encounter as you drive east from Ontario and through Quebec. While summer brings waves of people from abroad to enjoy our pleasant coastal temperatures, Fall is much less congested and a much more colorful. Fall in New Brunswick brings with it clean crisp mornings and pleasant warm days but the extraordinary hospitality is found here year around!

Fall in love with Fall in New Brunswick!

New Brunswick Canada has a spectacular fall season with intense fall foliage color in many of its regions. New Brunswick’s abundant variety of hardwood trees and sugar maples, already famous for the delicious maple syrup they produce in the spring, are responsible for some of the wide spectrum of autumn colors.

New Brunswick's Acadian forest is the other reason for intense color. Acadian forest is tree growth from two hundred to eight hundred years old. Most of New Brunswick’s forest area is considered Acadian Forest known for a wide variety of plant species that provide a brilliant spectrum of greens, reds, oranges, and yellows. Fortunately, New Brunswick contains the greatest amount of Acadian forest in the Maritimes, distinguishing it as the ultimate autumn destination.

If you decide to visit New Brunswick’s fall colors on your senior bus tour you are in for a wonderful experience! From modern cities with vibrant with festivals, to calm and colorful fishing villages with seafood galore, or islands teaming with whales and marine life and skies full of shorebirds and birds of prey, you are sure to love New Brunswick.

Become a leaf peeper and visit Fall in New Brunswick for your next down east hospitality packed senior bus tour!

Check the Current Fall Color Forecast to guide you to the best area of color in New Brunswick. Be sure to check back often, this report changes rapidly as the trees start their color transition. Keep in mind too that this site information is only accessible in season.

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