Is Automation the Best Way to Go?

Automation has many benefits to people. It makes heavy tasks quite easy. One can very easily leave the security of his house to a simple application with a few other gadgets. It is also convenient as one can very easily peel a potato, turn on the music and prepare very good food he would not have done by himself through a touch of a key on the smart phone. Again, one can easily monitor progress made on the treadmill or track while trying to keep fit just by looking at the wristwatch or band. This is life in simplicity and beauty. Still, there is a downside to anything that is really good.

Technology can lead one to over- reliance and over-dependence. This may sound like some sort of addiction one gets. When we over rely on technology to do some things for us a number of things may happen. We tend to lose confidence in our own abilities when we do not have the devices. A good cook may find it hard to cook the food the way he used to before technology came to assist him especially if the machine of technology has failed or he is forced to do without. A student who used to score well in his or her homework may be at a loss when he has now to sit an exam where Alexas or Google home cannot be of any help to them. One may not be badly off but he may have put all the trust in technology and feels empty without it.

Over-reliance on technology can also kill our own creativity. It is rare to see children making their own kites and other tools or play things as they are dependent on the technology toys for fun. They cannot put their mind to think of any other solutions to some things unless it is in line with making technology work for them for instance like downloading a game from the play store or making a disc play in the play station. The young parents are also at a loss when it comes to making functional toys for their children that they may not need to play on a screen. Again, more often than not, technological toys tend to remove some children from reality. This is why there are some who have tried to fly like some of the heroes they have seen on television or in the computer games they play.

Technology can lead to laziness and lifestyle diseases and conditions like obesity. The smart phone is central to the technology revolution. One can access anything through it. This means that all you need is either around you or you just need a little command or touch of a button or key and you have it. All your games are played on the screen and all your exercises are taken virtually. As much as it may be fun exploring, it does not always help one keep fit. Very little movement is made and this may be when one has to, otherwise all is done from the comfort of the armchair. This is why many of the children are obese as the parents or the children themselves prefer junk food to healthy food as they are easily available and offer very little disruption to their gaming or fun. They engage in very little physical activity that is good occasionally for their growing bones and muscles. This also makes the children, and even some adults raised with technology, poor when it comes to people skills as people do not come with smart phone connectivity or buttons.